Device Will Not Pair to the TyreWiz App

The TyreWiz is not able to be found via the TyreWiz app and the LED is functioning correctly.

Ensure the Bluetooth is enabled on your device. The TyreWiz can only be paired to one Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device at a time, so you will want to ensure it is not paired to another device.

If BLE is enabled and it is not paired to another device, remove the battery from the device. Remove the battery by rotating the notched lid 20* counter clock-wise. DO NOT use tools to remove the lid. Once the lid is rotated, it is able to be lifted away from the TyreWiz body.

For full instructions on how to remove the battery lid, follow the TyreWiz Basic Troubleshooting Guide here.

With the battery lid removed, perform a reboot by connecting the positive and negative terminals in the TyreWiz body.


Re-install the lid onto the TyreWiz body and rotate the lid 20* clockwise to lock it back in place.

With the battery re-installed, attempt to pair to the device via the TyreWiz app.

If the device still cannot be found, please get in touch with our customer service team here.

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